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Di torte, certezze ed assuefazioni

Mi ritrovo a rincorrere tempo e pensieri - l'uno sempre meno, gli altri sempre di più - in questo autunno arrivato troppo presto, che ancora più rapidamente è diventato un quasi inverno e che solo adesso, adesso che di giorni gliene sono rimasti davvero pochi, sembra virare indietro verso quei colori che tanto amo, quell'aria… Continue reading Di torte, certezze ed assuefazioni

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Romania: “m-am îndragostit” (I have fallen in love)

I already shared thousands of pictures and stories on my Instagram account, but I could not avoid to write a summary in this diary of mine. I have been in Romania twice before meeting my fiancé, who comes from there. It was, both times, for work, with very little time to visit around - and… Continue reading Romania: “m-am îndragostit” (I have fallen in love)

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Do you believe in M…anifesting?

It's been a while! Yes, I know, consistency is the key. Unfortunately, a lot has been going on, and not only I was uninspired, but also always short on time and motivation. Meanwhile, another academic chapter of my life has come to an end: that Executive Master in Digital Marketing & Communication which has costed me… Continue reading Do you believe in M…anifesting?

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La Scrivoterapia

E'iniziata che volevo scrivere di intelligenza emozionale, in inglese. E'proseguita che sono giorni di umore cupo, assenza di motivazione e di entusiasmo per qualsiasi cosa, annebbiante sensazione di non essere compresi da nessuno, mai. Ed é finita che sono qui a scrivere per terapia, e quando é cosi' posso farlo solo nella mia lingua madre,… Continue reading La Scrivoterapia

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Apple Pie – Live as you Bake

I found this old picture I took with a low-quality mobile phone camera in my previous apartment's kitchen, which can be easily and accurately described as tiny and old - and this, basically, tells everything about it. I was baking an apple pie, using a simple recipe I found on the Internet, as I could… Continue reading Apple Pie – Live as you Bake

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Mistery Blogger Award

Pointless Overthinking, which I discovered a few months ago, has pretty soon became one of my favourite readings online: articles are always interesting, they give very good inputs to think about and food for thoughts for the entire day. Above all, I love the "questions" series, so I can not only answer, but also read… Continue reading Mistery Blogger Award

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Let’s run away: Sunday in a fairy tale

We all have those days. Sometimes they are even weeks, and - if we are particularly unlucky - months. It's not easy at all to keep the pace of the world, especially when you live in a big - and sometimes very loud and chaotic - city (well, I know there are way bigger and… Continue reading Let’s run away: Sunday in a fairy tale